My name is Isabel.

And I am a Woman, like you.

During my travels in Turkey, I heard her the first time. I recognised her as the voice of the women of my family tree.

All the women who had come before me.

They spoke to me and gave me clear directions. 

Directions about how, I in this generation was allowed to and strong enough to look into the emotionally difficult and women-related topics,traumas and more relating to the feminine side of my family tree. 

To heal and in order for this healing to serve the generation after me, as a way to start empowered from the start. 

So that those after us, could be no longer limited in their abilities and empowered forever. 

At the time I didn’t know how to concretely manifest this into an action on this plain, but now and especially at this instance, while typing out these words, I see it. 

What they meant was: WCE Women Circles.

Can you also hear this voice?

You came to the right place.

I now understand, that this voice reaches far beyond my family tree and that the voice speaking to me, was the voice of all the female ancestors speaking to me.

I am not a heroine. No. I also did not choose this. It was given to me. And my choice is to accept this gift.

I accept it and want to surround myself with women who are empowered. Women in cirles, who care for one another, who can hold each other’s pain, support eachother and so much more! 

The possibilities are infinite! 

All that with closed eyes, so that I do not discriminate and leave no woman out, because there are infinitely many!

My heart and arms are wide open. Let us hold eachother’s hands in order to create this cricle for now and for our future generations. 

The time is only now! 

Write to me.

Thanks for manifesting on this planet at this wondersome time with me!