Women Circles Empower

A Circle of Women, for Women!

Are you looking for a place of exchange?

A place only for Women.

WCE Women Circles are: 

…Circles created by Women for Women.


...apolitical circles.

...safe circles.

...circles without hierarchy.

...circles where you can be yourself.

...circles without masks.

...authentic circles.

...circles led by each one.

…circles needed to collaboratively find solutions for our day-to-day problems, together.

…circles of NO JUDGEMENT.


Our Circles

bi-weekly throughout 2020.

WCE Women Circle

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What motivates me.


Where I get inspired.


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A Circle of Women, for Women!

WCE Global Network

A Circle of Women, for Women, also online!

At WCE we want to offer the support we give locally, also online. 
That is why we are in the idea - generating phase of building a platform online, which enables women, to partake in WCE Women Circle from the comfort of their home. Thus, at the touch of a button, to access and co-create this special circle, from anywhere in the world!

There are many ideas, and most importantly, there is faith and a vision, more details soon! 


If you are inspired and you have a million and one ideas bubbling up and want to share them, please do, and send them over in a love letter to womencirclesempower@gmail.com

I love our women circle. It is always a circle that gives me so much and joie de vivre. Every circle is a discovery.

Sara Agostinho

WCE Women Circle, Covilha, Portugal

A women's circle is a place where everyone is heard and where we all stand in the same place. A place where wonderful synergies can be birthed.

Rachel Santos

WCE Women Circle, Barcelona, Spanien

WCE Women Circles are a place of release and security. Here I feel heard. Here I can arrive and can be only me.

Kika V.

WCE Women Circle, Barcelona, Spanien

For me the women circles are sacred, they represent the essence of being a woman, of being true to yourself, it is the space to reconnect to the inner soul, the one with knowledge and power.These circles have been truly very important in my life. All women should be able to attend these circles and face their essence. Together we are great we have all the answers.

Dalila Lucas

WCE Women Circle, Covilha, Portugal

Isabel Beirer


I can only follow my dreams. And one of my dreams is Women Circles Empower. I am doing good for me and the world.

Pic by Erick Tejas.


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